Filming In Fes


Fes is the 2nd largest city of Morocco, with a population of 1.2 million in 2015. Fes was founded on a bank of the Jawharriver by Idriss I in 789, founder of the Idrisid dynasty.

Fes is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and its Old medina is believed to be one of the world's largest car-free urban areas. Al-Qarawiyin is one of the icons of Fes, founded in AD 859, and is the oldest continuously functioning university in the world. It is often referred to as the "Mecca of the West" and the "Athens of Africa"

For many years Fes has attracted famous Directors, cinematographers and crews from around the world because it can offer so many things : the history of Morocco, moroccan traditions/costumes & culture, rich architecture, the best moroccan cuisine, mysterious old houses, morocco's best artisan can't come to shoot in Morocco & not film in Fes


» Fixers who knows FES very  

» Assistance to get you all the

   shooting permissions

   needed  to film in Fes
» Production Assistants in Fes
» Runners in Fes
» Translators in Fes
» Transportation in Fes
» TV Crews in Fes
» Camera Equipments in Fes

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Filming Permit

You will need a filming permit to shoot in Fes, Morocco.
FILMING IN FES team can set-up all your shooting permits in order to be able to shoot in Fes & its surrounding territories.

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Scouting & Recces

FILMING IN FES Our team can assist your production to scout the medina of Fes & its surrounding areas. FILMING IN FES can provide pictures, videos & comprehensive scout reports using emails...

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FILMING IN FES can provide you with any type of vehicles you may need :
Mini Buses, 4WD vehicles, Cars, Quads & Buggies, Buses can be hired locally...

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FILMING IN FES can source any kind of equipment you may need to hire in Morocco : Cameras, Cameras Kits, Lights, props...
In the past 15 years Morocco has become...

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Camera crews

FILMING IN FES can provide you with the best TV Crew in Morocco to be your TV Crew in Fes.
We can source for you Moroccos most experienced and respected Cameramen...

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